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Post by OmarAboAlMaaty on Sat Apr 09, 2016 6:05 pm

These rules apply to all forum sections and sub forums. Moderators are allowed to edit/delete/lock/ any content if the post or comment is found violating the code of conduct.  

1. No vulgar or in tolerate language is to be written in forums or private chats.
2. This forum belongs to the American system, in MSE.
3. Posting homework answers online is forbidden shall be deduced in marks. Moderators have the right to delete your post and report an admin for a temporary ban.
4. Mini modding is strictly forbidden for users. If any mistakes are found please report a moderator/admin to edit the post.
5. No information regarding outside school notifications is to be posted . Absentee notifications are not required to be posted.
6. Double posting is forbidden and is considered spamming. You may post only after someone else comments.
7. Posting Arabic is strictly prohibited in the forums but general chat section, and private chat is acceptable.
8. All questions related to school is to be posted in question and answer section that corresponds to your grade subsection.
9. Users are asked to please respect copyright of any media , users etc.
10. plagiarism is not accepted in any case.
11. Avatars and usernames are required to be appropriate. if this rule is broken then the admin shall take the liberty to edit your profile picture, and rewrite your name.
12. MSE administrators reserve the right to edit or delete the forum without any further warning.
13. If any trouble is caused first you shall receive a warning from an admin/moderator then the second time you shall be banned for a certain amount of days according to what you have done and third strike shall result in IP banning.
14. Any attempt in cheating or sharing homework in all parts of this forum shall be punishable by admins.
15. Sharing accounts and passwords is strictly forbidden in all cases.
16. Forum moderators do not represent MSE staff, as they are students who volunteer for this position.
17. If any moderator is inactive for 2 weeks or fails to comply with their job requirement , they shall lose their position without further notice.
18. Moderators are strictly forbidden to bully another user due to the rank status.
19. Moderators are forbidden to bend rules for friends in all cases on this forum.
20. 2 moderators shall be elected from the students among each grade, by an official recruitment from the Administrators
21. In order for a student to become a moderator they must fill the job requirements.
22. Failing to comply with the rules above shall result in punishment.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by these rules. If you do not understand a certain rule, please feel free to contact me.

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